Thursday, 22 November 2012

Some links to recent discussions of mothering and work, and mothering as work

In light of the discussions we've been having about mothering and work, and mothering as work, (following on from our 'mothering and employment' workshop), here are some relevant links: 

Nina Power's discussion on her latest radio programme on resonance fm (November 11th 2012):

One of the books Nina  discusses is 'The Problem with Work' by Kathi Weeks (2011):

For a shortcut, I've written a review of Weeks' book in Radical Philosophy (Issue 175 2012):

Finally, Stella Sandford's article 'What is Maternal Labour' (Studies in the Maternal, Issue 2, 2011) considers 'the specificity of maternal labour as labour and what is its specificity as maternal?'

Please do add any more links or references that you've come across. 


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